Beep Kickball Store

Beep Kickball Equipment Pricing

Beep Kickball $140.00 (tax included) plus $15.00 Shipping

*  Ten inches in diameter
*  Soft foam ball with tough outside coating
*  Red with tough patches over the holes
*  All parts located inside the ball and away from the outside
*  Lightweight, weighs under 1 pound
*  Guaranteed for one year
*  2 loud beepers on opposite sides of ball
*  An ON/OFF switch clearly marked and accessible
*  Two 12 volt replaceable batteries
* Beeper, switch and batteries are replaceable

Beeper Replacement Part $20.00 (tax included) plus $3.00 Shipping
Switch Replacement Part
 $20.00 (tax included) plus $3.00 Shipping
 Battery Replacement Part $20.00 (tax included) plus $3.00 Shipping

Important Information

For orders outside of the Continental United States, please contact Judy Byrd at 770-317-2035 or for pricing and shipping costs.


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