One kickball is recommended for a group of 10 players but two are recommended for a group larger than 10. Half of the group can be practicing the skills while the other half is scrimmaging.

Use your beep baseball bases if you have them. If not and your budget allows, order a set for $300 from CenturyLink Pioneers,
c/o Bob Kurtz,
6944 Fargo Trail, | Littleton, CO 80125
CenturyLink Pioneers

If that is over your budget, order a set of Beep Kickball bases for $100 on this site. This set consists of two blowup 4 foot tall boxing bags modified to stand up straight and two buzzers in a box. They are soft and accommodate a tumbling runner. Directions are included.

The third alternative is to order one or two hand held buzzers in a box for $20 each.

And worst case, clap your hands or use a radio for free!

If your budget allows, purchase a MINDFOLD blindfold for $12 each, or buy 10 or more for $10 each. One size fits all.
Email or call Judy Byrd to order MINDFOLDS.

Purchase them directly from Mindfold at $20 each:

Most discount or Dollar Stores sell inexpensive blindfolds, or just use a bandana or strip of cloth!


1. On the home page, go to VISIT OUR STORE and order by Paypal or credit card.

2. We take purchase orders from schools and organizations. See our W-9 below. Our fax number is 866-496-7089.

3. Or you can email or call Judy Byrd to place an order directly and ask questions!

4. Call or email Judy Byrd to order T-shirts.