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First of all, thank you for signing up for my blog. I started this sport 4 years ago and have seen it grow to over 150 locations in the USA, Canada and Australia! I’ve sold over 300 Beep Kickballs and just recently reached my goal- that the profits cover the promotion expenses. That will probably not last long because I’ve revised my goals!

I started this blog in order to hear about your experiences with kickball, good and bad! I want you share your good ideas and I’ll try to help with any not so good experiences. This new sport is a work in progress so I want to hear all about your experiences!

I hope that your ball does not live in a closet. It’s lonely in there so let it out! If your organization doesn’t use or need one anymore, please give it to someone who does or send it back to me- I’ll find a home for it.

If it’s broken, send it to me and I’ll fix it for free. It’s guaranteed and easy to fix- it has replaceable parts.

I’ll write a short blog about once a week as well as reply to your comments and suggestions.

I’ve gotten involved in blind sports on the national level and have a big goal- that every one of the 59,000 school aged children who are visually impaired or blind get the opportunity to be physically active and learn to play sports. That can be accomplished three ways:

Give these children the opportunity to:

1. Learn to play sports at Camp Abilities or any other sports camp.
2. Join an after school club for adapted sports and recreation- we call that club C.A.R.S.- Club for Adapted Recreation and Sports.
3. Participate in a Family Fit Program to learn how to be physically active with your family.

I’ll be talking more about those three things soon!

Please email me or comment below about your kickball experiences!  Judybyrd@gmail.com or 770-317-2035. And thank you!

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  1. Judy Byrd says:

    Testing, testing….

    • Mark Slavin says:

      I cannot wait to host my first beep kickball camp this Spring in the DFW community. As a player for a beep baseball team I am very passionate about adaptive sports. In my first Beepball World Series game I scored the winning run. I may have lost my sight but that experience can never be taken away.

    • Shawnna says:

      Wow this is really cool idea. Just wish I could afford it. Great idea though

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